User Guide for iOS

MobileJawi includes two keyboards. One is a native Jawi keyboard where you type directly with Jawi letters. The other is the ‘Rumi->Jawi’ keyboard where the words you type in Rumi are converted on-the-fly to Jawi.

Once you have downloaded Mobile Jawi from the AppStore, you can enable the keyboards by following the steps below:

① Open Settings.

② Tap General.

③ Tap Keyboard.

④ Tap Keyboards.

⑤ Tap Add New Keyboard.

⑥ Under Third-Party Keyboards, tap ‘Mobile Jawi’.

⑦ Enable the keyboard(s) you want.

⑧ You can see the enabled keyboards in the list.

⑨ You can now select the Mobile Jawi keyboards by tapping on the ‘globe’ key in iOS keyboard.

⑩ If you wish to uninstall a Mobile Jawi keyboard, tap the ‘Edit’ button and then the red button next to the keyboard you want to uninstall.